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The Earth is no longer sufficient for humanity, which has looked to the stars for new homes to expand to. You are amongst the first wave of colonists to leave Earth, your destination: the Trinity star system. On your arrival, you are greeted by a none too friendly, advanced race, who launch a vicious attack on your colonial fleet. In the carnage, you descend in an escape capsule to the surface of Aldrin, a moon of the gas giant Hyperion. With your limited supplies, you must make what you can of this new world. What you do is your choice… it is your story that is to unfold.

Earth's story is over, and yours is beginning... will you join forces with other survivors and try to create a utopian world? A dictatorial empire? Maybe go the lone wolf and explore the vast landscapes of the world you have crashed down on? The choices are as endless as your imagination! Read more here!

Latest Dev Activity

We never got to the point of implementing 3d models into the game
Today at 3:15 PM
We have 2 programmers that is capable to progress the game @Cristian Zaloj and @Benjamin both of...
Today at 3:13 PM
Game Programmer
Yeah, 1) I'm one of the coders that has worked on a large enough portion of the code to be able...
Mar 19, 2018
Game Programmer
Yeah, we just need to have someone back invested and programming
Mar 3, 2018
Artist & Designer
^ I wish we could, but there really isn't much that actually works in its current state.
Feb 21, 2018
Ye I dont really think you will see any real progress on the game unless Ben returns to it, then I...
Jan 31, 2018
Artist & Designer
Notch is just doing what he has always done: Playing around with code. One of his experiments once...
Jan 25, 2018
Designer & Web Developer
Not worth repeating what Georg has said in full, however I just wanted to make sure you all knew...
Jan 24, 2018
Artist & Designer
As Matthew said before, there’s been some low-level development on the design front of the game and...
Dec 27, 2017