Dev Summary

Greetings Everyone!

The long awaited Dev Summary is back! This one is chuck full of stuff about SoA, stuff about SoA, and a dash of stuff about SoA, such variety! Well instead of babbling for the rest of the blog, lets jump right into it!



The past few weeks have been full of the usual, that being rewriting the entire engine to improve performance and better the future of the game. To get specific the chunk managing system was rewritten to be cleaner, less buggy, and faster, the voxel mapping code got a bit of an upgrade, and a metric butt ton of the code was refactored, taking us closer and closer to the game being completely rewritten which was needed to improve performance and accomodate for future upgrades and additions. Matt has been hard at work remaking the UI elements and UI systems for the upcoming 0.2.0 patch. To further explain it in detail he wrote a bit about it:

One of the major changes to come in version 0.2.0 of SoA is a completely new UI system in the game. We want to make the game as customisable, expandable and open as possible to you, the community. As such, the new system is going to make use of a UI engine called Awesomium. This engine will allow all the in-game UI to be written in HTML/CSS/JS, with JavaScript linking in with the game engine. This allows for much easier designing of the UI in the game, allowing us to do a better job making a UI you will all like, but it will also allow any one of you to fiddle about with the UI yourselves! With this philosophy of making modifying everything in the game as easy as possible, in the future we hope to even provide tools in-game to allow you to make editions to the UI!


As usual our artists cranked out a lot of stuff, all of which blows my mind, theres no better way to show it off than pictures! (And captions, those are important), but before that, there are things we can't 'show' you, but we can talk about. So to contradict my entire first sentence, here are some words that happen to form a sentence. Georg fleshed out the base structure of our star/planet system (stars, planets, larger moons, short descriptions of the main objects, rough distances and order of the orbits), to see which features and types of objects a future planet system editor in SoA should be able to handle, also to get a glimpse of what terrain features the world editor should support. He also made concept renders of Hyperion and its moons, putting together this overview image of the Hyperion System: link (please note this image is out of engine and will not be exactly the same is in engine). As you may have noticed, the 'star' these planets are orbiting is actually a Gas Giant, which orbits a different star (actually 3 stars, but that's for another day), and the planets are actually moons!

A couple more things added were:

  • Added Frozen Methane and Tholin Dust blocks as terrain blocks for very cold, Titan-like planets
  • Fleshed out a new texture handling method specifically made for multiblock flora
  • Added several flora blocks for the new textures Andreas provided
  • Made some improvements and fixes to several flora textures

Now, the pictures I promised in a neat imgur album.

(Link to said album)


Jesse worked on the website, improved speed and functionality and also prepared for something you’ll see later ;D Jeremy tried not to catch a cold / get sick - failed. Matt has been largely working on his physics course due to upcoming exams and the insane amount of stuff to learn, began rewriting the blog system for the website, to make it better and more flexible than it is right now and finally, he started creating the main menu using the new UI system. Arpak (thats me) and Nathan had their birthdays today, somehow we didn't know we shared a birthday but hey, now we can save on cake!


That about covers this Dev Summary, stay tuned for the next one! (Hopefully I won't be as late as I was this time).


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