Development Pace - Sep 2015


Hey there everyone! The purpose of this post is to let you guys know what is going on with development right now, as well as future plans.

Many months ago we envisioned a kickstarter at the end of this year. If things had kept going the pace that they had, we might have been able to. Unfortunately, the volume contribution from other programmers has been far less than I had hoped, (remember we don't have any money) and now much of the team is very busy with non-SoA related work. At this point I have just about run out of savings and have started applying to jobs in the game industry so that I can eat.

Development for SoA will by no means halt, we will contribute what we can to the project when we can, but the development pace is definitely going to slow down. We do not blame you if you move on to following other games, we will still be here, toiling away on the game when you come back. Again, to emphasize, this is not the end of SoA, this project will continue to be developed for years to come, we just cannot feasibly cram in features for a kickstarter at the end of the year, the game just isn't ready, and we don't want to ship a mediocre game. The last thing we want to do is to recieve public funding before the game is ready.

The bottom line is, making a large scale 3D game and game engine from scratch is hard, especially with a tiny team of contributors. I have said before that developing a game of this scope with no funding is generally a bad idea, but we're doing it anyways because this is the game of our dreams. I hope you will all understand the predicament, and continue to support us in the future when development ramps up again!


Unfortunately, we're still facing some technical difficulties on the interview video - internet connection can be a pain in the ass at times. We will get it to you as soon as we possibly can.

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