Development Status - February 2016

We aren't dead!

Hey guys, thought I should get that out loud and proud before anything else. We most certainly are not dead! Development is very much slower now than it has been in previous months, and certainly we have been less active in terms of blog posts and so on also. This is because of a myriad of personal reasons for each individual on the team, but can be all summed up as various commitments outside of SoA.

Development is still happening, just over much longer timescales at this very moment. Georg has been working on improving various data files that describe things like the star system, as well as tweaking the actual design of the star system to be even better! I have been dipping my toes in programming within the game code itself, but for now I have been back working on the web technologies as that makes more sense for a project I am also doing within university.

As a team, we have have discussed our situation and agreed that we want to continue with SoA as a project, and in fact that individually that desire never did change - something Ben, myself and others have always said! We are busy with work and university, but that will change over time, and definitely by the summer break we should see a gain in pace for development once more.

All this leads to the conclusion that SoA is not dead, we're not dead and development will continue, just anything that was once a short-term plan, is now a long-term one to account for the changing situation of all of us as members of the team.

I want to end on a massive massive thank you to everyone who is still following the project, such support even when by all rights each of you can look on us as having let you down is greatly appreciated. Words don't do justice, but certainly we are all thankful for the support even through hard times like these.

PsychoticLeprechaun - Designer & Web Developer