Seed of Andromeda Is Not In Active Development

Seed Of Andromeda Is Not In Active Development

We had always been working on SoA as a labor of love, and when key members of the team got hired at full time jobs or went to school, development eventually halted. At this point, with the scope creep and load of work still to do, continuing development with our resources is not feasible.

At this time we don't have any concrete plans on what to do going forward, but we are still discussing. It is possible that we may decide to open source some or all of the code base, and if we do you will see another announcement. Otherwise, expect silence for a while.

The community was an amazing one, which is probably what makes this hurt the worst for me personally, but I am glad that the game inspired people for what it was. The future always holds great things, but often it is further away than we need.


Benjamin - Lead Developer