Open Sourcing Seed of Andromeda

Open Sourcing Seed of Andromeda

After some deliberation on where to go forwards with the Seed of Andromeda project, we have decided to open source the codebase. This move does not signal the end of our passion for the project and in fact may herald a new opportunity for Seed of Andromeda to continue.

The codebase and assets, including the name and all design work we have published thus far, have been put under the MIT license. This means that you can use ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we have in your own projects if you so desire! This is not the sole reason, however, for making this decision.

We also hope that this continues the intention that underpinned the project from the very start: education. When Ben set out to make what was originally a tech demo for a first-person shooter, his objective was to learn. Indeed the same was true for each and every one of us that joined the team, and we in fact intended to impart the same ethos into the game - making it as educationally rich as possible, both in-game and with easy modding options. 

Another reason we have made this decision is that many of you in the community have expressed desire to contribute to the project in meaningful ways. While we have no expectations in this direction, we are quietly hopeful that perhaps in open-sourcing the project we may be able to see the project continue and develop into what we hoped it would. This is but a pipe-dream compared to the last two reasons, but in the light of the inactive development on our part it presents no risk and only positive outcomes for development.

We truly hope that in any of the above ways this decision brings about some measure of effect from the endeavour we have been on thus far, but we don't at all depend on it - this has been an amazing experience so far and we have learned and laughed with you guys, and that has been the most important thing for all of us.

P.S. should anything come of open-sourcing the codebase for development of SoA, we will do what we can to facilitate that development and even contribute where time permits.

PsychoticLeprechaun - Designer & Web Developer