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Apr 13, 2017
May 6, 2015
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Dec 6, 1990 (Age: 30)

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Back Into Space, 30

Watching Trigun Folge 2 Teil 2-3 (Deutsch) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylv__dTYiT8&list=PLVJt_ft_qf_s5B7ynHc8M8v-gmKvUwxV1&index=5 Dec 16, 2015

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Apr 13, 2017
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    Dec 6, 1990 (Age: 30)
    I played a lot of Lego, then I've got a computer and thought: Unlimited Lego-Blocks, copy+paste :)

    But just for a hour a day, I could use a computer, had a visual basic 6 book but no IDE and then were 2 years without a computer 2/3 of the time until I found MS-Word macros, which are similar to VB6 and installed on almost every computer.

    When I were 18, I got internet access, but only found Microsoft/mainstream stuff.
    With 19-21 I've learned HTML, CSS, Java and installed my first Linux.

    Now I am 25 and IRL mostly met peoples which are not interested or very beginners in programming languages.

    I've programmed an eGroupWare <--> Joomla database wrapper and nobody understood it.
    I've programmed a CSS-generator which fixes bugs from firefox+IE and lets you place arbitrary side-bar stuff and it wasn't accepted because of all the bloat that these fixes make neccessary.

    And now I have so many ideas, just to find that others had them too and already implemented them in their games or software.
    I have quite a few more and find many barriers in documentation or -even worse- bugs and bloat in programming languages and underlying tools.

    What I need are peoples listening to my ideas and which know where I can apply them.
    But it's hard to get paid for having so many ideas on so many different topics that it hardly fits one company or project.

    When thinking about licensing, I like the GPL and free software.

    In "Bruce almächtig", a movie about god making holidays and giving his favourite reporter godlike powers for one week, the actor of god said: "Hard work is underestimated these days".

    I think that fits quite well, thinking how diverse the payment of different jobs is.

    That make me think about the ethical side of life as a programmer and user.
    • Do we really want to support "Bill Gates / Steve Jobs"-Software which both betrayed others and effectively stole mouse, graphical user interface or operating systems?
    • How much money should a developer get for his work?
    • How much value has the human output?

    And I developed an idea:
    A program which let's users decide how much a dev should get paid per hour (absolute or as % of the average income of his country).

    And then the program helps users to make the right decisions to archive their voted income.

    This program would run on the end users PC and make use of a system similar to bit-coin, just that it tracks money offers and requirements for that offer instead of just money transactions.

    As the program requires true information to work correctly, the user may specify his information sources and track discrepancies between this information.

    I didn't got much feedback on this topic, thus it is still a WIP.
    PM me if you are interested and I might provide more details.​


    SIG_NATURE --- Proprietary code features evading copyright law execution
    Run, Study, Copy, Adapt, and Release programs
    Share y improvements and the whole community benefits
    GPL : Selling Free Software is OK!