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any more playalbe updates

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Storm026, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Storm026

    Storm026 Crash Landed

    • Member
    I been waiting for years for a new update to play with I would love to play with lava for example. any ideas on when that could happen? or at the least is it being worked on now?
  2. PsychoticLeprechaun

    PsychoticLeprechaun Designer & Web Developer

    • Dev Member
    We've shifted development focus for more immediate goals due to the limited time we have available to us. A lot of the details involved are laid out in this blog post. :)

    So for now, sadly there won't be any playable builds of SoA.

    TYHENDER Industrial Re-revolutionist

    I had an idea to make an survival mod. But i'm too lazy even to read secod message to Zaloj.:laugh:
    TYHENDER, Aug 14, 2016
    Last edited by TYHENDER; at Aug 14, 2016
  4. progress

    progress Crash Landed

    • Member
    On that note, is there any news regarding development of the arena shooter? I understand if it's too early to reveal much, I just keep checking the forums in hope of learning some interesting new tidbit. Either way, best of luck to the team!
  5. PsychoticLeprechaun

    PsychoticLeprechaun Designer & Web Developer

    • Dev Member
    I have done more work on the UI systems in Vorb since my last update, but nothing huge just yet. Since then, I decided to go back to working on the web tech that will be behind the games and web services. I've done good bit of work on that front, but a holiday trip has taken a good chunk of time off my hands. As for work by others, there's been work on both Vorb and the game, but nothing to show just yet.

    TYHENDER Industrial Re-revolutionist

    Sometimes i'm sp happy for doing things i can't explain because there's nothing to show. Anyway,i still hope arena shooter will be free4all.It will be,righT?
  7. Storm026

    Storm026 Crash Landed

    • Member
    thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to an update that lets me play with the water at least with less lag.
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