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Anyone still alive

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ColdFuseon, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. ColdFuseon

    ColdFuseon Lost in Space

    • Contributor
    Are you guys still here ? Let's be honest, Seed of Andromeda is dead.
    What should we do ? are you guys still browsing the forums ?
  2. Thomas988

    Thomas988 Back Into Space

    • Member
    Well, I'm here every now and then. I only check my notifications, though :p
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  3. Danarkivus-2

    Danarkivus-2 Back Into Space

    • Member
    I check the forum once or twice a week.
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  4. joppiesaus

    joppiesaus Infamous Space-Octopus

    • Member
    I still check the forums at least one time a week. I like it here. Seems like TYHENDER and NeonSturm have taken over the Off-Topic section ;-p
    I really liked it while it lasted. Too bad I've never seen fire. That would've been epic. I'd love that buggy update.
    Maybe, one day, SoA will be reborn. That would be cool.
    And I'd LOVE to see the GraphicsTutorials again! I love those! Especially THE MAGICAL 3D VOXEL ones (but I do not look forward to configuring the dependencies).

    What should we do? I have no idea
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  5. JClavaud

    JClavaud Crash Landed

    • Member
    Just waiting to see what of SOA will be in the arena game. Hoping for destrutible voxel caracters and creatures, maybe.
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  6. Sevio

    Sevio Back Into Space

    • Member
    I occasionally still read the forums but I don't think about SoA much anymore.

    If you can live without the survival and voxel building part and just want to fly spaceships, try Elite Dangerous, it's the game with the most realistic representation of our galaxy right now and you can really go anywhere. I'm an elite ranked explorer now, been to the other side of the galaxy and back and have seen so many amazing things. :)

    Still waiting for the day when someone combines minecraft and ksp into a beautiful sci-fi voxel survival building/exploration game...
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  7. Whoisthatkidd

    Whoisthatkidd Balanced Balancer

    • Member
    Im still here! Mostly busy with Real Life and playing flight sim games. I'm still maintaining the community modpack (which I wish more people would play... It was meant to keep us busy and entertained.) and currently working the major 2.2 update!
    Whoisthatkidd, Aug 26, 2016
    Last edited by Whoisthatkidd; at Aug 26, 2016
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    TYHENDER Industrial Re-revolutionist

    Ha,i'm still over off-topic section!

    I check forum almost everyday,and that's because when i get lazy,i check almost every forum i'm registered on ._.
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    TYHENDER Industrial Re-revolutionist

    And Ben's C++ is dead too,Matthew does not visit forum very much lately,so it's more than Seed of Andromeda is dead,it looks like their whole work is dead.
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  10. PsychoticLeprechaun

    PsychoticLeprechaun Designer & Web Developer

    • Dev Member
    Apologies, I haven't been as active lately due to a couple of trips I've been on for my summer break. I've been working on the back-end services all the last couple of months and progress is being made, but nothing to really show off.

    Game-specific development hasn't been fast, but ultimately we aren't too worried that things are taking longer than anticipated. The reason being that we have identified a few things we want to do over the time we've been developing SoA and taking our time while not as exciting in the short-term lends itself to those features as well as keeping total workload reasonable for what each of us has in terms of external work. Plus quality of the various projects benefits as we have time to make sure we do things well.

    There are definitely a good number of games doing interesting things worth checking out, and have gotten much further along in development. :p One of the benefits that the making of the game, engine and services is not our main job is that we can keep at it as long as it needs without being dependent on commercial success that would make us rush things and end up with a game of much worse quality (we've all seen plenty of projects go that route).
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2016
    PsychoticLeprechaun, Aug 28, 2016
    Last edited by PsychoticLeprechaun; at Aug 28, 2016
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    TYHENDER Industrial Re-revolutionist

    Cool you're back,let us know that you are not gone!
    Anyway, i don't like when indies are being made for 7-10 yrs,because then game is forgotten,and often abandoned, Sure there are exceptions like The Witness,but almost every indie game that is developed for too long becomes abandoned or in endless alpha(SoA is too in endless alpha.Even worse,pre-alpha that is more like tech-demo than a game).
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  12. PsychoticLeprechaun

    PsychoticLeprechaun Designer & Web Developer

    • Dev Member
    This is a very valid point, but it is somewhat unavoidable for now. The way we see it is that by shifting our focus to the engine and a smaller game, we can get the necessary experience both in our paid work and in these two projects and then come back to SoA ideally with the ability to develop it with much fewer roadblocks. This is no guarantee we can therefore go fast, but certainly at a steady rate and so reach a "release" state.
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  13. NeonSturm

    NeonSturm Back Into Space

    • Member
    If SoA devs release a shooter with mini-block avatars, perhaps the next thing is a racing game for vehicle code and then a flight simulator for WW2 voxel-planes with guns …

    Dividing the big chunk into many small projects is awesome!
    If there is modding support and the core engine is free, I would certainly help with mods, but as long as it runs only on windows it's more like watching a movie and hoping for the next season coming out ;)

    In StarMade, there are 1mmm and/or/high_flip logic blocks and I made a quantum-rom storing (n/2 * n/4 - 24/48)/n bits per block. I also make computers and Java-code which tells an interface which enumerated blocks link each other. It's fun to play around with "deep" objects (which change over time to add a 4th dimension).
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