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[ATTENTION!]REducing lag in SoA.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TYHENDER, Jun 6, 2016.


    TYHENDER Industrial Re-revolutionist

    So there`s people complaining about low FPS,right? Well, i didn`t see any. But one of my favourite PC advantages is 120+ FPS,and SoA on my PC was getting only 30 FPS. But with changing some things i made it to 120(Yay). So here`s all tricks you can do to reduce lag.
    1.Physics is priority.
    When most games lag, i know they are locked to not use all of my PC recources. But SoA is a difference.
    As always, i set game`s priority to High,but in fact it was a first cause of lag. Somewhy,my Physics FPS went to Space High numbers,but default FPS was 25-30 FPS(WTF, right?). So when i made game`s priority to "Higher Than Normal". After experimenting i got that Higher Than Normal priority is the best.

    2. Suddenly you wanted to play Crysis 3 with SoA ?
    Be sure that you are not running any crap while playing SoA,because looks like SoA does not want to push other processes(Omg, so shy!)
    3.60 FPS is max
    Not sure why, but when Max FPS in Video settings is set to 60, average FPS is 30. So basically to play in 120 FPS,you need to set max to 155(Unlimited option will freeze your computer)

    4.I`m playing in a window
    Never do that for SoA! You should play in native resolution with Fulscreen option!

    5.Weak PC
    And the last thing to do , if you have slow PC, is to reduce "Voxel View Distance" to "Normal" and set "Terrain quality " to "Low". Personally, i did not do that, because 120 FPS is enough for me, and plus lower settings can make game`s awesomenity lower,and it won`t be played as it meant.
    I hope this post helped someone. Feel free to post any other ways to reduce lag.
    EDIT: - Just got SoA work on my grandm`s PC. Looks like you need to know how to set options in SoA,cuz there`s no way that game on c++ could lag with such awesome dev team.
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    TYHENDER, Jun 6, 2016
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