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Battle Rifle SSR-14A2 (Not a Model; Just Concept Art)

Discussion in 'Model Contributions' started by Arctic, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Arctic

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    The Battle Rifle is designed to be used at long range. It has 2 firing modes, full-auto and semi-automatic. It fires the 7.62x51 NATO round. By default, it accepts 20-round magazines, but 50-round drum magazines and 30-round extended aftermarket magazines can also be found. These magazines, with the exception of the 30-round magazine, cannot be crafted by the player. In the beginning, these rifles can be found fairly early on in the game at crash sites near the spawn point. However, these weapons are damaged and can only be found with the 20-round magazines. This is to make sure that - as this weapon will be used throughout the game - that it doesn't ruin progression while being extremely powerful for the period in which it can be found.

    The reason it uses such an outdated round is that the weapons were actually designed in 2060 in response to massive resource conflicts. After it transpired that the scarce resources remaining would not be worth the thousands of lives lost, the countries poured money into developing efficient fusion reactors. The development of a renewable, clean source of energy allowed nearly everyone on Earth to live happily and harmoniously, supplied by 3D printers. Missions were sent to colonise Mars and the Moon. Military production ground to a halt, as guns were no longer used and all countries agreed to a mutual peace treaty. Apart from making new rifles and ammunition, nobody really cared for their armies any more. The army now only did relief operations for natural disaster and guard duties. The world's military might fell to pieces, but it was a golden age of peace and prosperity for humankind.All was good until 2600, when resources in the solar system, period, began to run out. Huge wars on an epic scale broke loose, the lost art of war being found again to in vie for the last minerals man would ever mine. Over the past 500 years, there had been no wars. So the sudden outbreak of fighting meant that soldiers had to use the SSR-14A2, which, until that point, had simply been ceremonial, or used to deal with criminal elements or terrorists. Production of the now-ancient-but-still-effective 7.62 NATO round went back into full production, as nobody had cared to adopt a new caliber. This is why it uses 7.62 NATO.

    The VarTAS (VARiable Target Acquisition Scope) is a versatile marksman's scope designed for use at variable ranges. It comes with inbuilt backup iron sights in case the scope is damaged or in short range. The switch on the side allows zoom to be toggled between 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x. It is sold seperately.


    The SSR-14A2 (Prod #1952) is the primary rifle of choice for Andromeda Corp. marksmen. It has an excellent muzzle velocity and fires the time-tested 7.62mm NATO bullet. It is only permitted for use by authorized Andromeda Corp. contractors. The weapon packs an amazing stopping power, and can take down most humans in only one hit, and has enough power to even smash right through light armored vehicles! Unauthorized possession can lead to strict penalties, including death. For civilian-legal firearms, see the Andromeda Corp. Catalog, page 560 (Hunting and Recreational Firearms).

    NOTE: My team has been issued with these recently, and during the recent fighting in [REDACTED], my team were protecting a village when we were attacked by insurgents. In a panic, many of my teammates used the full-auto mode on the weapon, which led to uncontrollable recoil. Out of the 20 contractors sent to protect the village, only 4 survived, me included. Under no circumstances should you use the fully-automatic mode on this weapon.
    - Sergeant McTaylor
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    Arctic, Apr 29, 2015
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  3. ColdFuseon

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    I really love when there's images of drawings or models, that looks neat
  4. tetryds

    tetryds cus tet, that's it

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    You did it right.

    Now pick some voxel editor and turn it into a 3d model :)
    tetryds, Apr 30, 2015
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