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C++ modding tool,yay!

Discussion in 'Modding Resources' started by TYHENDER, Jun 6, 2016.


    TYHENDER Industrial Re-revolutionist

    I`m talking so much about c++ modding. I`m talking about it like 3 days. Cuz i`m registered for 3 days lolp.
    So anyway, i was tired of harassing devs with this,so instead of crying i wanted to do something by myself.
    So here`s a tool for loading custom DLLs to RUNNING process only.

    • Instructions:
    1>. Move Superject.exe and DevComponents.DotNetBar2.dll from the archive to SoA folder
    2>. Run game(SoA.exe)
    3>. Run Superject.exe
    4>. Click browse
    5>. Select your mod(A .dll file)
    6>. Click inject
    7>. Voila!

    I will make tutorials how to develop your own mod and how to make it an .dll file soon!

    TYHENDER, Jun 6, 2016
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