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Favorite anime and anime general

Discussion in 'Nerd Out Zone' started by Heartless, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Heartless

    Heartless Heartless Forum Poster

    • Member
    Big anime fan here!
    I was just wondering what anime shows you have watched so far?
    Maybe the one you liked best, and why? If there are any specific genre you like?
    My list

    My favorite anime I've watched so far must be Death Note or Steins;Gate, cowboy bebop is also pretty high up on the list. Attack on Titan is also on the list, but i don't "rate" animes before they have been dubbed.

    Avatar: The Legend of Korra is also a show i liked, but since it's not produced in Japan, isn't it looked at as an anime.

    I also need something to watch, have any suggestions for me?

  2. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    I don't particularly like anime. It's very prolific however in China, where all the native cartoons are crap. I watched so much badly dubbed anime - dubbed in Chinese so should be alright there - when I was little.
  3. Lazarus

    Lazarus Reinvented The Wheel

    • Member
    I used to watch anime, then I stumbled over hentai. Now I'm scarred for life. T~T Anime's I've watched so far are Death Note, Another, Code Geass, Clannad, and a few others that I don't remember the name of because they were boring like ready salted pringles.
  4. 10d22

    10d22 Designer

    • Dev Member
    Hmm I would say my favorites are Hellsing Ultimate, Code Geass, Berserk.
    the last anime Ive watched which I really enjoyed were Log Horizon.
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