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First game to use 4D

Discussion in 'Nerd Out Zone' started by Banskel, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Banskel

    Banskel Crash Landed

    • Member
    This is really interesting and seems legit.

    What do you guys think?
  2. joppiesaus

    joppiesaus Infamous Space-Octopus

    • Member
    I don't know.
    It's impossible to visualize 4D.
    1D is just a line. In theory, nothing.
    2D is an infinite amount of lines stacked on each other, creating a square.
    3D is an infinite amount of 2D squares stacked on each other.

    So what is 4D?
    4D is an infinite amount of 3D cubes "stacked" on each other.
    Time is the 4th dimension(according to ???). It's very misterious.

    try to add another axis to XYZ. It's impossible to visualize, since we cannot see it.
  3. PsychoticLeprechaun

    PsychoticLeprechaun Designer & Web Developer

    • Dev Member
    It is possible to visualise 4 dimensions for some people, there are 4D mazes, which could arguably be considered games so this isn't technically the first to do it either. Though for all that, I personally struggle immensely to visualise 4 dimensions.

    Okay, after watching that video, this game seems pretty genius. It is really clever the way it has approaches the extra dimension.
    PsychoticLeprechaun, Aug 31, 2014
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  4. adtdeveloping

    adtdeveloping Reinvented The Wheel

    • Member
    adtdeveloping, Sep 1, 2014
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