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Happy American Independence Day!

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic' started by Potatocat, Jul 4, 2019.


How did you celebrate?

  1. Fireworks!

  2. Honking horn!

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  3. Driving around yelling!

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  4. Going to/throwing a party!

  5. Something more original!

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Potatocat

    Potatocat Back Into Space

    • Member
    W00T W00T

    Since I'm sure this won't be seen for a while, what did y'all do to celebrate independence day?
  2. Thomas988

    Thomas988 Back Into Space

    • Member
    I didn't do much on the fourth, we did our celebrating yesterday at my cousins' cottage. We ate food, chilled by the lake, went on a boat ride, and I went biking.
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