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Item Drops

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Cristian Zaloj, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Eviscerator

    Eviscerator Industrial Re-revolutionist

    • Member
    I think you missed out the danger of loss of life due to 'regime change' via external freedom-supporting entities and organizations. XP
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  2. SpaceHippie

    SpaceHippie Reinvented The Wheel

    • Member
    Not to mention profitable and immoral. The hallmarks of any real corporation.
  3. Eviscerator

    Eviscerator Industrial Re-revolutionist

    • Member

    What if you could research propaganda to indoctrinate and motivate your NPCs? To increase their morale or to convince them to do morally and ethically questionable things for 'the cause' or 'the greater good'!?
  4. Danarkivus-2

    Danarkivus-2 Back Into Space

    • Member
    that would be awesome to have I would turn my entire population it to mindless slave.
  5. SpaceHippie

    SpaceHippie Reinvented The Wheel

    • Member
    You should start a thread about NPC motivations. There's a ton of stuff there.
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  6. Eviscerator

    Eviscerator Industrial Re-revolutionist

    • Member
    I'll get right on that.
  7. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    What everyone else said, but none of you have mentioned Vicinity Pickup.
    Like what DayZ does.
    Essentially, everything in your pickup range is displayed... Uh... Inventory screen...
    You know what, just look up DayZ's vicinity pickup screen.
    There's also no reason we can't have all those fancy "Vaccuum" modes and "Looking" at items. But I think Vicinity pickup would benefit a great deal of players.
  8. ThatOneGuy

    ThatOneGuy Reinvented The Wheel

    • Member
    ^The whole augmented reality kind of kills this idea.
  9. amusei

    amusei Crash Landed

    • Member
    Auto-pickup is good but maybe it should be "on" depending on your difficulty level. When your difficulty is higher entities of the same type (example 3 dirt blocks) stack in one entity(both to reduce lag and help manual pickup) which you can then pickup using a button. A simple entity protection not allowing other player to pick up the entity you mined for a few seconds would be nice when multiplayers is available.
  10. Cristian Zaloj

    Cristian Zaloj Game Programmer

    • Dev Member
    Yes, we are not so hardcore that we will force you to pick up each coin one by one (although penny-scroungers may take great pleasure in this). We are planning on allowing certain items to stack and prohibit auto-pickup of most items since it will make Augmented Reality lose its function. However, having auto-pickup for ammunition and currency may be something that we want to incorporate. I personally like how Borderlands does its item pickups and was thinking we could go along the same route.
    Cristian Zaloj, Aug 27, 2014
    Last edited by Cristian Zaloj; at Aug 27, 2014
  11. amusei

    amusei Crash Landed

    • Member
    Picking up 1000 bullets one at a time sounds like fun! Borderlands does have a good/great pickup system that may go along well with SoA. Speaking of pickups, do you come here often? *retarded hyena laugh*
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