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Pihalis - A very old planet.

Discussion in 'Asset Packs' started by tetryds, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. tetryds

    tetryds cus tet, that's it

    • Member
    Hey guys, so after playing on Aldrin so many times it was great when new planets came out.
    Now i decided to make my own planet, which is based on Aldrin but is more of a replacement to it.
    This planet is extremelly old, with more than 8 billion years.
    There are no extreme mountains, and no big ammounts of continous continents.
    The biomes were isolated long ago, but species that migrate from one to another kept the relation between the plants, keeping the remaining species.
    The encounter of biomes progressed a lot allowing them to coexist on most places, it's hard to tell where one ends and where other starts.
    The star of Pihalis is lighter than the one of Aldrin, and it features several plains that extend as far as the view can reach.
    The terrain is smoothened due to the age of it and severe climate changes that happened in the past.
    There aren't as many islands for the same reason, the core of the planet cooled down and any noticeable form of volcanism activity has expired about one billion years ago.
    The damped terrain and biome smootheness make it seems that it's just an old planet, but its not the place you would like to crash at.
    It's extremelly hard to find drinkable water, and most of it has to be taken from trees or animals.

    Here is the download link if you want to try it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bi6670ot1kqtenj/Pihalis.zip

    Here are some screenshots and an album about it:


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  2. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    Nice! Feels much more realistic than Aldrin, though the higher mountains could be higher. Great work!

    This is awesome and should be part of vanilla SoA! So much more realistic than Aldrin and so much more atmospheric.
  3. tetryds

    tetryds cus tet, that's it

    • Member
    Will check on increasing the size of the bigger mountains, thanks for the feedback!
    Btw, the "method" i used to mix biomes is really simple, since Ben's magic somehow made biomes that clash actually mix, it made the biome transition to end up being just like another mixed biome.
    And you can hardly ever figure out that you are switching biomes when walking.
    I would just need to paint the biome view meshes again, but i believe that ben will make it actually match to the block kind.

    By the way, i hated jungle before, so i made it in a way it will not drop fps anymore.
    The trees still make it kinda dark but are a lot more sparse and have leaves only at the very top (that's actually how the trees are on most jungles).
    It would be more realistic if i added another kind of jungle tree to go in between the existing ones, but I didn't do that because it would bring the "lag" back.
    Will keep it this way at least until Ben releases next fps boost.
  4. Benjamin

    Benjamin Lead Developer

    • Dev Leader
    This planet looks really great! Couldn't find much jungle without raising the max temperature in the properties, but the biomes are better for sure! I will be fixing all the issues with the current biomes and coloring the leaves as I make the world editor.
  5. tetryds

    tetryds cus tet, that's it

    • Member
    Yeah, as i don't really like jungles because of the lag I just made them to be a lot more rare to show up.
    I mean, the old lag from 1.4, of course, but that doesn't make me like them more now.
    The jungle tree of that world was modified and is what i used as base to create the Araucaria btw.
  6. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    Can't wait until the new world editor comes out and we can really start working on planets and stuff.
  7. Danarkivus-2

    Danarkivus-2 Back Into Space

    • Member
    this is great i am use this in one of my machinimas
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