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Seed of Andromeda (Spaceship, not game) Discussion

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gutza1, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Danarkivus-2

    Danarkivus-2 Back Into Space

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  2. Gingy

    Gingy Back Into Space

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    I have an idea for the story. What if the reason the members of the ship are referred to as "seeds" is because they're part of a colonization project formed by whatever government and/or company initiated it. Or is that the whole idea behind calling players "seeds:? Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question .-.
  3. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    Sounds a little...
  4. Arpak

    Arpak Moderator - Former CM

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    You are actually spot on with our reasoning for the name aswell :)
  5. Snipecoolbunny

    Snipecoolbunny Back Into Space

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    a few things. what does STL and FTL mean?
    and the Andromeda should be at either the center of the galaxy or at the edge because you would use the gravitational force of the center of the galaxy as a slingshot to get to another galaxy (assuming Andromada). will there be spaceflight where you can slingshot yourself around planets to achieve higher velocities?
    this would be interesting to see the comments.
  6. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    Slower Than Light
    Faster Than Light

    And yes, you will be able to gravity assist yourself around the galaxy. Wouldn't be a complete game if you couldn't.
  7. PsychoticLeprechaun

    PsychoticLeprechaun Designer & Web Developer

    • Dev Member
    The idea of using gravity to travel around the game isn't one that is confirmed to be a part of the game, we will have to consider the implications and the implementation of it before deciding on whether it ends up in the game (it would require we treat gravitational effects of bodies on all dynamic objects with reasonable precision to make the behaviour intuitive).
  8. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    Nonono, gravity assist. Where you use the pull of an object to fling you further, and also accelerate. It's when you put yourself into an escape trajectory with an incoming object and it gives you a boost. Here's a picture:


    No "Anti-gravity" or "Repulsor drive" technology, because there is no such thing as "Anti-gravity". Unless you mean, say, a propeller.
    Arctic, Mar 5, 2015
    Last edited by Arctic; at Mar 5, 2015
  9. PsychoticLeprechaun

    PsychoticLeprechaun Designer & Web Developer

    • Dev Member
    I know how it works! I wouldn't be allowed to study physics at a university otherwise. ;) The issue is whether we can simulate the gravitational effects of large mass and close proximity bodies with a level of accuracy and fast enough that it is feasible in-game. If it is, and as far as gameplay goes it doesn't detract in any way (i.e. by making control of spacecraft unreasonably difficult) then I don't see why not. However, with all that said, it is not a confirmed feature of the physics in the game as of yet.
    PsychoticLeprechaun, Mar 5, 2015
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  10. Jpr

    Jpr Industrial Re-revolutionist

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    Wouldn't you just set a planetary mass at the start for all "planets", and ignore everything else? It's not like we'll change Aldrin's SIZE, is it?
  11. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    KSP can do it, abeit with Spheres of Influence, which are a pretty crap system. Since we don't have time warp and we can probably just assume all celestial bodies and satellites are a point, I don't see why we should leave out gravity assists, being such a valuable tool and all.
  12. PsychoticLeprechaun

    PsychoticLeprechaun Designer & Web Developer

    • Dev Member
    Not ruling it out, but can't make promises on features we can't say for sure will be in - we don't want to go all Spore on you guys. That said, it would definitely be a very cool feature to have and, if it works, I'm sure it will be in!
  13. tetryds

    tetryds cus tet, that's it

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    Sorry but if you mean what it sounds like you mean, you should abstain from commenting on this subject.
    There are not many other ways to do it, spheres of influence is a very computationally cheap and accurate one, given the body being orbited by a second body is not too close and the mass of one body is a lot smaller than the mass of the body it orbits.
    You go with spheres, n-body, or you simply "don't go" and have the same crappy "lol what is gravity?" method of every other space game.

    Ah, the spheres method is a perfect implementation of Kepler Orbits, by the way.
    So, it's not a low accuracy model, it's a mid accuracy one, the errors only happen near where Lagrange points should be and at the sphere outlines.

    So yeah, we either get one of the two methods that inherently allow gravity assists or a very disgusting piece of crap.
    Spheres of influence are perfect for SOA, both on accuracy (mid-high), implementation (fairly simple) and complexity (not too complex and well documented).

    *note: there are a few other methods, but they are either too complex or too computationally expensive (which would make n-orbits worth anyway).
    It is possible to have n-body physics in the game, but then time-warping would be limited or nonexistent, which could be fine depending on other game mechanics.
    But then you have to remember that orbiting things is not something fast, so the precision gain would be lost by the fact you don't even experience it properly.

    About SOA itself, I would like to be able to see it somehow from the ground, but not some graphical thing that totally screws up reality but a dot in the sky which shape I can see more clearly with a zooming in device.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2015
    tetryds, Mar 6, 2015
    Last edited by tetryds; at Mar 6, 2015
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  14. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    Huh. OK. TBH I never followed KSP that closely, and the video they made explaining how they got it to work in Unity makes it sound like it was some sort of compromise.

    Though from what I understand wasn't the reason behind it to do with the deterministic time warp? The on rails kind.
  15. _zombiehunter

    _zombiehunter Artist & Designer

    • Dev Member
    Yes, gravity influence zones are pretty much the only feasible way to go with the amount of objects we plan to implement. I think a good assumption for the gravity influence zone of an object is its Hill Sphere, which is easy to calculate and still close enough to reality.

    Also, I see no reason why we wouldn't have gravity assist maneuvers, they're a basic gravity-related feature. As Matthew said, we can't make promises, but I would say it's more a question of how precise we can do it and less if we can do it at all.
  16. tetryds

    tetryds cus tet, that's it

    • Member
    Yes, hill spheres are the way most games use to calculate n-body physics, it's one of the other fancy methods.
    Having every planet on rails would make them not very complicated, the problem is when you have multiple very big planers, their shape change very drastically.
    Since SoA will have 3 near earth sized planets orbiting Hyperion on the habitable zone (not too high planet radiation/not too high solar wind or cosmic radiation) that would be very tricky, given that I assume spheres would be still the way to go.
    Also because rocketry is not the focus on the game.

    But yes, even thought I think it's too much for SOA, I would love to see a good implementation of hill spheres if it does not take away time from other game mechanics.
    tetryds, Mar 6, 2015
    Last edited by tetryds; at Mar 6, 2015
  17. Snipecoolbunny

    Snipecoolbunny Back Into Space

    • Member
    it would be a good idea to implement this into the game because it IS a survival game. this could be the "end game" as some would call it. it would be excellent as an ending to the storyline of the game. your goal is to achieve high level technology in order to survive and fight off aliens. but using this, we can have the game take you to earth as an end game and you can return to the solar system from which you started (aldrin) to continue. you can have the entire milky way galaxy in game and its all randomly generated planets (with the exception of earth and the planets you can start off with.) using an algorithum. so your not limited to the basic planets for resources. you can go to other planets for mining and farming. use gravity assist as well to go from planet to planet. Although, the chance for having planets orbiting a star is 1 in a 100 chance or so.
    i think this COULD POSSIBLY be implemented later game. is this too much or what? i want to become a tester and im just throwing ideas i think of throughout the day out there.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2015
    Snipecoolbunny, Mar 6, 2015
    Last edited by Snipecoolbunny; at Mar 7, 2015
  18. Snipecoolbunny

    Snipecoolbunny Back Into Space

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    this is a very advanced concept for a voxel game but is this the exact thing you would like to see? *see above*
    Snipecoolbunny, Mar 6, 2015
    Last edited by Snipecoolbunny; at Mar 9, 2015
  19. NeonSturm

    NeonSturm Back Into Space

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    Just channel a picture -- fully 3D and different from different view angles! -- through a solid object with lenses and mirrors.

    This could ((perhaps)) also dupe as a primitive cloaking device where different layers of materials with a very low absorption would channel light or radio frequencies through an object to it's opposite or a hollow shape which absorbs the frequencies gradually instead of reflecting them on the first trial at the outer hull.​

    Why do you need a cockpit at front and thrusters at the back?

    A cockpit at front is very exposed. Not necessary at all if you could channel a picture through your ship with mirrors and hollow tubes.

    Perhaps future tech also allows you to discharge the thermal energy in your exhaust to gain energy for your thruster.

    Perhaps your warp drive would bend space (thus allow movement), but not cancel or adjust your absolute velocity.
    If gravity is not a source of energy but only a way to store it, you may need thrusters to get into orbit.​
  20. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    About the warp drives: This is what needs to happen
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