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Star System Demo v0.2-1B Bug list

Discussion in 'Seed of Andromeda' started by joppiesaus, May 25, 2015.

  1. joppiesaus

    joppiesaus Infamous Space-Octopus

    • Member
    I can see the chunks!
    Also, the water is going nuts. It's super-fast! That's probably because the time is going super-fast.
    The planets look great. Most of them consisted just of little islands, I'd like to see something like this: View attachment 134

    Also, Aeon-1 glitched a little for me. The atmospheric effect light ring thing was inside of it.

    [FIXED] And there are some files of awsomium left in the folder(awsomium.log, awsomium_process.exe). Is this intended?
    [FIXED] Music volume doesn't work immediately when you change it.
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    joppiesaus, May 25, 2015
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  2. Benjamin

    Benjamin Lead Developer

    • Dev Leader
    Thanks! I will be trying to improve random generation more in the future, though we ARE going to hand design pretty much all of these planets eventually. I fixed the bottom two bugs that you mentioned.
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