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Time-Crystals! Elements, Dimensions and AnKnowledge explained

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NeonSturm, Mar 19, 2017.

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    0.0 Intro
    I am NOT making a statement about what you should believe.
    I am trying to provide information which helps you to decide yourself what you want to believe.

    Call this funny if it makes you happy, but I paid a 1. lot of life-time for it.
    Looking up "sacred geometry" videos, "platonic solids", "learning math", "writing this thread", "formatting this thread (actually took longer than writing it)", …

    0. is orange table.tr3.td3 and a header.
    1. is dark-grey table.tr4.td1 and the first element circle/time/awareness/…
    2. is bright-white table.tr1.td1 and the second element elliptic/light/life/…
    3. is red table.tr2.td3 and the third element twisted-tetra/fire/chaos/…
    4. is light-blue table.tr2.td10/-4 and the forth octahedron/water/fluid/…
    5. is brown table.tr3.td4 and the fifth element cube/earth/crystalline/…
    … there are 8 circles according to "sacred geometry", but I haven't written about em jet. These are 1 inner, 6 surrounding and 1 outer circle.

    I also made white bold to distinguish it better from the default forum text colour.
    If they become hard to read, just use CRTL+A or select the text (maybe change your browser's selection colours or use the stylish-extension -in firefox- for it)

    If you read the spoiler, you will know why I CALL MY ACCOUNT NEON'STURM - But I dunno if you want to know … :^D

    0.1. What are time-crystals?

    "Time Crystals" are 5.crystals in 1.time.

    0.2. How do they work mathematically?
    4.Imagine a 4/4 tact - every 4/4 waves is aligned between either 04-11, 11-22, 22-33, 33-04.
    1/4 is aligned between 04-04.
    (( 04 means that 0 and 4 are equal, first and second number are interchangeable ))
    2.Maybe we live with 2/2 where one segment/element is 1.circle/void/darkness/awareness/inside/time and the next is 2.elliptic/light/life/outside/existence/stability/order/revelation. It can also refer to 1.embryo and 2.birth,
    (( And he moved to the water above … the embryo/baby was born head first + babies are born blind ))

    3. Maybe we live with 3/3 where the third segment/element is 3.twisted-tetra/fire/chaotic/imbalance … sounds familiar? But if we live with only 3, we wouldn't know much about the higher dimensions.
    4. Maybe we live with 4/4, 5/5 or …/… where the forth segment/element is 4.octahedron/water/fluid/double-pyramid, the fifth is 5.cube/earth/solid/crystalline, the sixth and onward - go explore yourself :)
    2.For simplicity, let's first just work with 2/2 and let's use a wavelength of 1 second for confidence.
    If you shift a wave by 0.5 seconds into the future or past, you change a "property of 1.time/awareness".
    Facts: The flow of time near light-speed changes inverse proportional to every other movement.

    If you fully understand the whole impact: You can alter how fast you perceive time in comparison to others! This is NOT about "« travelling to the past «", but about "« bringing the future into present «".
    Facts: There are rumours about "Project: Looking Glass". (( I think it was cancelled because it couldn't be controlled by humans and allowed "things destroying humans" aka "HUGE problems" to come from any possible future state of the universe into the present - not validated by a human consciousness "for being desirable" )).
    http://mathworld.wolfram.com/PlatonicSolid.html (if you are interested into math)
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platonic_solid (just look at the pictures!)

    4.Next, let's assume we live with 4/4, because we gained some exp and levelled up our Poke´-calculator.
    3/4 are motion/energy/mass and 1/4 is 1.time/awareness.
    1. 2/2: shifting wave 1 in 1.time phase. Shifting wave 11 is equal to shifting all others.
    2. 2.mass is shifting wave 2 inverse to 1.time
    3. 2/2: shifting wave 3 in the 3.energetic phase
    4. 2/2: shifting wave 4 in 4.fluid/interactive phase
    1. Possibilities:
      1. 02-02 to 11-11 is a full 180° turn of 1+2 in a hidden 1.inside dimension.
      2. – inverse of 1
      3. 02-11 to 11-02 is a full 180° turn, inverting amplitudes from sine-waves
      4. 02-11 to 11-02 is a full 180° turn, inverting amplitudes from sine-waves
    2. Results of 1.between 00 and 11:
      1. 02 offset → 11 offset → 02 offset telling lies/untruth/miss-understandings/destruction
      2. = inverse shifting

    3. Results of 3.between 00 and 11:
      1. 02 offset → 02 offset.
      2. = inverse of 1, no change
      3. +1 → -1 3.attractive, matter = growing self / destructive, antimatter = shrinking others
      4. +1 → +1
    4. Results of 3. between 00 and 11:
      1. 02 offset → 02 offset.
      2. = inverse of 1, no change
      3. +1 → +1
      4. +1 → -1 4. interactions with the environment such as (em/…) radiation
    Perhaps you can now understand all the 0.matrix-multiplication stuff about rotation, scale and transformation.
    0.For 5/5 and above,
    Just use the knowledge from above.
    0.How to build a warp-drive?
    Move 1.inside energies such as thermal content and inertia to 2.outside energies such as em-radiation.

    By doing that, you reduce your 1.(negative) internal weight and 2.spread it evenly into a higher dimension. The more evenly something is spread, the easier it can move around.

    You need to understand that your 1.awareness or 2.body mass is an imbalance in the grand universe and every motion needs another motion elsewhere for compensation according to physics.
    The movements of the universe move you (inward) and your movements move the universe around you (outward).

    This inward/outward pulse/waves can have different frequencies. When low frequencies are bullets, high frequencies are masers (masers are emitting matter-particle-streams).

    If it works, I told truth, if not I lied :soa::radioactive::boom::nuke::'(:devil::mad::ninja::thumbdown:<3:thumbup::zzz:

    0.And now before you post
    1. 0.remember that this is just one possibility / tool out of many (to describe how the universe works).
    2. If you search for the 0.right believe-system, maybe you search for one which "works best for your purposes" may it be "this" or "science".
    3. I, for myself decided to use every tool I can get my hands on, but I don't hate you for choosing only one tool - it is not my loss.
    4. Some try to stay inside and become, others try to visit the outside of "this matrix" - my choice is not necessarily your choice.
    5. If the last part isn't colourful enough for you, I am sorry, but I have spent 3 hours on this post already and need a brake.
    6. This is 0.free information in parts and as a whole, except for the parts which state my opinion - and as long as you copy, share and edit it under the same conditions formulated as in this paragraph. I see no gain in keeping it for myself after subtracting the gain of sharing it.
      • The best thing is to try using a sentence structure which makes no sense if not quoted fully - then someone could just lie about what you said or call you insane. Learn everything you can while you are alive! ;)
    7. Remember to stay friendly or you will be subject to the Fermi-Dirac math rather than the Bose-Einstein math ;).
    Here is a guide you can use:
    1. Which explained part is the (y)best one, which is the (n)worst one?
    https://starmadedock.net/threads/time-crystals-elements-dimensions-and-anknowledge-explained.28668/ More complete, higher char-limit/post
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    NeonSturm, Mar 19, 2017
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