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top 5 favorite games

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Snipecoolbunny, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Snipecoolbunny

    Snipecoolbunny Back Into Space

    • Member
    List your top 5 favorite games in order. ill start, 1.kingdom hearts series 2.minecraft 3.rocket league 4.war thunder 5.garrys mod(although i dont have it myself)
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  2. Thomas988

    Thomas988 Back Into Space

    • Member
    1. Kerbal Space Program
    2. Seed of Andromeda
    3. Rocket League
    4. Space Engine
    5. Euro Truck Simulator

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  3. MichaelH

    MichaelH Writer

    • Dev Member
    Oooof. Let me think.

    1. The Last of Us
    2. To the Moon
    3. Shadow of Mordor
    4. Megaman Legends series
    5. Warcraft III

    I'm going to hate this list as soon as I post it, and it is in no particular order, but these are some of my favorites. I hate doing these things. So much insecurity about which to pick.

    Edit: Honorable mention for Octodad.
    MichaelH, Aug 21, 2015
    Last edited by MichaelH; at Aug 21, 2015
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  4. Danarkivus-2

    Danarkivus-2 Back Into Space

    • Member
    1. SoA
    2. halo mcc
    3 mass effect
    4 starmade
    5 dayz.
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  5. Whoisthatkidd

    Whoisthatkidd Balanced Balancer

    • Member
    1. Battlefield 2
    2. Metal Slug 3
    3. Sly Cooper Band of Thieves (Sly 2)
    4. Seed of Andromeda
    5. Team Fortress 2
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  6. Snipecoolbunny

    Snipecoolbunny Back Into Space

    • Member
    im surprised to see not a single legend of zelda game
  7. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    Oh sure, they were great for the time, but there is not a single thing that TLoZ does better than, say, Skyrim. Or even Two Worlds.
  8. Snipecoolbunny

    Snipecoolbunny Back Into Space

    • Member
    dont let others hear you say that. :laugh:
  9. Dysche

    Dysche Intern Programmer

    • Dev Member
    1. Minecraft
    2. Garrys Mod
    3. GTA V
    4. RCT3
    5. Army Man RTS

    (I didn't include SoA because it isn't really a game yet, more like a voxel playground)
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  10. Chaser04

    Chaser04 Reinvented The Wheel

    • Member
    1. Mass Effect Trilogy
    2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    3. Dragon Age: Inquisition
    4. Seed of Andromeda
    5. Skyrim
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  11. zeroinnocent

    zeroinnocent Tester

    • Tester
    hearts of iron
    Europa universalis
    Diablo 2
    Age of empire
    and of curse Seed of Andromeda
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  12. PsychoticLeprechaun

    PsychoticLeprechaun Designer & Web Developer

    • Dev Member
    1. SoA 0.1.3
    2. SoA 0.1.4
    3. SoA 0.1.5
    4. SoA 0.1.6
    5. SoA 0.2.0

    But in all seriousness:

    1. Dungeon Keeper 1
    2. Mass Effect 3 (or the whole trilogy if that can be an option).
    3. Age of Empire 2
    4. Pharaoh + Queen of the Nile expansion
    5. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
  13. Gram

    Gram Crash Landed

    • Member
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2015
    Gram, Sep 12, 2015
    Last edited by Gram; at Sep 14, 2015
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  14. Gingy

    Gingy Back Into Space

    • Member
    1) Half Life 2
    2) Halo 2
    3) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    4) Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Platinum
    5) The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (GameCube port)
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  15. Snipecoolbunny

    Snipecoolbunny Back Into Space

    • Member
    this thread is going great! :laugh:
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  16. joppiesaus

    joppiesaus Infamous Space-Octopus

    • Member
    I see RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 here many times. Why not RCT 1/2? I enjoyed those much more then RCT3. I like RCT3 too(wooo! I can ride my coasters and have fireworks with them!)

    I also am curious about RollerCoaster Tycoon World. I was about to get enthusiastic until I saw the feature "Social Media Integration".
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