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Warning: Context Overload! Beware misinterpretation!

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by NeonSturm, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. NeonSturm

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    Warning: Context Overload! Beware misinterpretation!

    Make a sentence which is overloaded by many contradicting alternative contexts.
    Then call "Warning: Context Overload! Beware misinterpretation"

    Finally explain the Alternative Contexts' Contradictions
    I'll start :)

    "No girls allowed".​
    Warning: Context Overload! Beware misinterpretation!
    This sign serves no purpose.
    Alternative Contexts' Contradictions:
    (1) females are not welcome
    Women "are and are not" girls and "are and are not" allowed.

    (2) female childs are not welcome
    Boys which are called "girls" for behaviour are not girls. Girls are not girls.
    Girls "are and are not" allowed.
    Boys which are called girls "are and are not" allowed.

    "true and false" is false: "No girls allowed" is "true and false" for everyone.​
    NeonSturm, Sep 4, 2016
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