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Weapon Tiering and Progression (Part 2 - Ballistic Weapons)

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Arctic, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    Continues from PART 1, found here.

    BALLISTIC WEAPONS are harder to control and deal less raw damage than energy weapons. However, all ballistic weapons possess armour-piercing capabilities, which allow this factor to be somewhat mitigated. Ballistic projectiles do not dissipate over distances, making ballistic weapons much more viable than energy weapons at long range. These weapons are the "Conventional" weapons most think of. They require ammunition to fire, but most do not need energy, making them a little cheaper to supply in the early game.

    This type of weapon includes (In rough order of advancement:)
    - Mechanical
    Mechanical weapons are bows, crossbows, slings, anything that don't need chemicals to fire. Fire-rate depends on the character's strength; that is to say, a character who can draw bows more quickly can fire faster. These weapons have poor damage and armour penetration, but are incredibly easy to make and fire what are essentially glorified sticks. Slings can throw AT grenades and molotov cocktails for cheap early-game AT solutions (Though these weapons will be ineffective against mechs). In addition, they are very, very quiet. The loudest crossbow is but a gnat's wingflap compared to even the quiestest of suppressed firearms. An early-game stealth option.
    All of these weapons are fairly short-ranged.

    - Early firearms
    These represent simple firearms. Bolt action rifles, single-action revolvers, hand-cranked gatling-guns, and breech-loading shotguns all fall under this category. None of them are truly automatic. This tier of weapon has decent accuracy, mediocre damage, and poor fire-rate, but are very easy to maintain and construct. Most early-game NPC armies will be fielding weapons of this category.
    Quite long-ranged.

    - Recoilless rifles
    RPGs and rocket launchers. These are mostly just tubes with rockets in, but can be fitted with guidance systems for MANPADS. Nothing really special to say; anti-tank good, slow-firing and tendency-to-kill-people-directly-behind-you bad.

    Homing versions are effective at very long range, unguided not so much.

    - Conventional
    Good old, all-American guns. Assault rifles, sniper rifles, LMGs, shotguns, SMGs. you name it, it's there and it's automatic. This type of weapon is fast-firing and deals plenty of damage. This type of weapon is also relatively easy to construct and maintain, but supply will require a great deal of different calibres to suit all weapons. Pistols and SMGs share calibres, making it a little easier. Suppressors can be fitted for stealth, though even the best suppressor won't do much. A well-rounded weapon of choice for the early-midgame.
    Good at medium range-long range depending on specific weapon.

    - Gauss
    Coilguns. Gauss weapons use a metal slug accelerated to extreme velocities by electromagnets. A barrel has multiple electromagnets on it. Each turns on sequentially to pull the projectile forward. This type of weapon not only requires ammunition but also electricity. Think of it as a combination between ballistic and energy weapons. Gauss weapons do relatively little damage, but have extreme armour penetration. High muzzle velocities also make these weapons perfect for extreme-distance sniping, allowing skilled snipers to penetrate vehicle weakpoints or disable weapons from afar. One could even use these weapons for killing people. However, the requirement of long barrels makes these weapons quite slow-firing. In addition, magazines can typically hold few slugs. These weapons break down quickly, due to high velocities damaging the barrel, and require electricity to function. A great choice for snipers, but for survivalists, not so much.
    Long ranged due to high-velocity high-mass rounds.

    - Railgun
    Railguns. What can I say? They're railguns. While they require a great deal more power than coilguns, or Gauss weapons, to fire, they make up for it in raw power. This type of weapon can accelerate tungsten slugs to tremendous velocities, and uses that ability to kill tanks. They suffer from often slow reload times, sometimes caused by slow capacitor charging. Best for vehicle, stationary, and anti-tank shoulder weapons. Plenty of damage, but very slow firing and resource intensive.
    Very long ranged.

    At this point, most conventional weapons would be phased out for the better-performing energy weapons, though some would still fulfil niche purposes. Sniper weapons will inevitably be ballistic.

    + Cheap
    + Easy to maintain
    + Stealth options are available
    + Armour penetrating
    + Can be used at extremely long ranges
    + Range of ammo types available
    - Low raw damage
    - Difficult to supply
    - Poor in the end-game
    - Users must compensate for bullet drop

    So, there's what I think. Do feel free to suggest amendments, or if I got something wrong, or if there are inaccuracies, or if something seems unbalanced.
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    Arctic, Mar 1, 2015
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  2. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    Just noticed... Part 1 was weapons and this is just weapon tiering... AGH INCONSISTENCY PLZ FIX
  3. Jpr

    Jpr Industrial Re-revolutionist

    • Member
    Only issue I have is a lack of true "Early" firearms. The examples you give are civil war to modern day, and require decent manufacturing capability to create. What about weapons from 1400-1800? Those are much easier to create.
  4. Snipecoolbunny

    Snipecoolbunny Back Into Space

    • Member
    and state the range limit for the weapons like the railgun and gauss cannon. and what about other weapons like the atlatl and others? i know you didnt add them, but make a comment or edit it so you have all the mechanical weapons you will have.
  5. Danarkivus-2

    Danarkivus-2 Back Into Space

    • Member
    what about muskets i think those should be in game.
  6. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    It is done.
    You see, these would be almost entirely useless. Besides, I think we can assume that, being from such an advanced time period, the player would already know the basics and be able to skip matchlock, flintlock, etc.
  7. Jpr

    Jpr Industrial Re-revolutionist

    • Member
    Mhm. I'mma go with no, and disagree with you there. A matchlock is a tube sealed at one end, and a hole you hold a match to. A flintlock is more complicated, requiring springs and more advanced metalworking technology.
    That said, your early guns tier requires MUCH more metalworking capability than even a wheelock. I don't think they'd be useless, especially if you made a character with low strength.
    THAT SAID, I can also see a player skipping right over them straight to more advanced weapons, as OOC you'd have the knowledge, and might want to not waste time on "inferior" weapons.
  8. Arctic

    Arctic Giant Robot Advocate

    • Tester
    Mhm. I mean, really, for gameplay purposes, would you really want to fight anything with a musket? This tier of weapons may certainly be easy to build, but completely and utterly useless. Like, utterly; poor accuracy, only moderate damage, atrocious range, atrocious RoF... Better leave this one to modders.
  9. Jpr

    Jpr Industrial Re-revolutionist

    • Member
    I disagree, but I can see your point. I can concede this one, if you want.
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