Latest Version ( V0.2.-1.1b )

This is a bug fixing build for the demo! The changelog is as follows: 

Bug Fixes:

* Made camera follow planet perfectly when time warping.
* Fixed zooming bug where you cant zoom back out.
* Volume slider works now.
* Slowed down water animation.
* Fixed phantom star bug.
* Fixed precision issue causing orbit path and star flickering.
* Tidal locked planets behave right now.
* Clouds now rotate according to axis rotation.
* Fixed terrain seams.
* Fixed trojans.
* ESC no longer quits the game.
* Better directory layout
* Small planets are no longer lighted weird.
* Slowed down star surface animation.
* Clouds now react to gamma correctly


* Triplanar textured for seamless terrain.
* More information on the planet overlay.
* Moved main menu buttons higher to prevent accidental clicks.
* Clouds use different noise functions now

Older Versions