Latest Version ( V0.2.-1.1b )

This is a bug fixing build for the demo! The changelog is as follows: 

Bug Fixes:

* Made camera follow planet perfectly when time warping.
* Fixed zooming bug where you cant zoom back out.
* Volume slider works now.
* Slowed down water animation.
* Fixed phantom star bug.
* Fixed precision issue causing orbit path and star flickering.
* Tidal locked planets behave right now.
* Clouds now rotate according to axis rotation.
* Fixed terrain seams.
* Fixed trojans.
* ESC no longer quits the game.
* Better directory layout
* Small planets are no longer lighted weird.
* Slowed down star surface animation.
* Clouds now react to gamma correctly


* Triplanar textured for seamless terrain.
* More information on the planet overlay.
* Moved main menu buttons higher to prevent accidental clicks.
* Clouds use different noise functions now

Older Versions


 - This is the XP version of 0.2.-1.1b! The changelog is the same for both.


 - At long last, the star system demo is finally available for download! It comes bearing the gift of a trinary star system with ringed gas giants, planets, moons to check out. In this build you won't be able to explore the planets surfaces or play with voxels, but you can marvel at the beauty and vastness of the Trinity star system, where Seed of Andromeda will take place!

In this build you will start at the surface of aldrin. You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel in and move the camera by clicking and dragging with the mouse button.

Please report any bugs on the forums. If you want to check out the game with voxels, try an older version (0.1.6).


 - This build introduces a huge performance boost! Instead of 1 thread doing both physics and rendering, we split it into two threads! Stutter should be almost non-existent as long as your graphics card can handle it! We also have some new blocks and bugfixes!


 - This build fixes a ton of crash bugs, improves particle performance, adds animated explosions, adds a new texture pack system, and adds some new blocks! Please report any bugs to the forums.


 - This build brings a huge pile of needed bug fixes and crash fixes! Not all bugs have been fixed, but it is getting ever more stable! This build also introduces some new textures thanks to _zombiehunter and some new planets thanks to sir_moodz. Have fun!


 - This build is mainly for stability, but also adds the awesome new main menu and markers system! This build should crash MUCH less than 0.1.2 but it is not quite crash free yet. Remember this is pre-alpha, so play at your own risk! Be sure to run the vcredist_x86 that is in the same directory as the game. This will install the required microsoft redistributable. Future builds will not require you to do this step.


 - This build focuses on some multi-threading performance boosts, new spawner and sink blocks, new explosives, 3D sound engine, new blocks and textures, and various other things! *** Be wary that the new multithreading may introduce some bugs when using lots of physics, this system is still fresh and needs tuning ***


 - This is the first public pre-alpha build for the game Seed Of Andromeda. This build is more of a physics playground than anything. Feel free to fly around and build, or find bugs. Keep in mind that there are many known bugs that still need to be fixed in this version! This build seems to be quite buggy for windows 8, so I will be prioritizing fixing that. Mac support is planned in the future but this build will not run on macs. The world editor will be ready soon, and then you will all be able to create your very own trees, biomes, blocks, and worlds! Have fun!