Benjamin Arnold

 - Lead Developer

Ben is the founding father of the team, having started creating Seed of Andromeda's engine by himself way back in 2012, since then, he oversees the continually growing team's work and spends every ounce of energy on Seed of Andromeda's development. His vision of the future of Seed of Andromeda is what drives and guides the game's development.

Sebastian Corfitzen

 - Designer

Sebastian worked his way on to the team through bombarding Ben with great ideas, having previously worked on some of his own game projects he now works on the design of Seed of Andromeda. Sebastian is multi-talented and spends time on voxel models, tree generation, and general design. He also spends a good amount of time eating pizza and playing about in PhotoShop.

Joshua Arnold

 - Sound Artist

Josh is the creative genius behind almost all of Seed of Andromeda's music and is also one of our sound artists. He has produced many high quality soundtracks of his own previously, and has now turned his talent towards producing all manner of music and sounds for your ears to enjoy!

Matthew Marshall

 - Designer and Web Developer

Matthew is the creative force behind the Seed of Andromeda website and one of those forces behind the design of SoA. Between sessions working on the game's and website's design he works on forum posts that have more text than a novel. Matthew is one of the more active devs on the forum and is always willing to offer his perspective on an idea!

Georg Hammerschmid

 - Artist and Designer

Georg is a talented graphics artist and scientist! He started out by creating texture mods for Seed of Andromeda and was noticed for his skill and style! He is currently Studying Technical Chemistry in Austria, but enjoys making photorealistic textures in his spare time. No doubt his scientific background will aid Seed of Andromeda development!

Andreas Ressl

 - Texture and 3D Artist

Andreas is an incredibly talented hobby artist! He currently works in construction in Austria, and has studied graphic design. His incredible voxel modeling skills grabbed the attention of the Seed of Andromeda team thanks to his contributions on the forum! As Seed of Andromeda develops further, Andreas will be designing the 3D models and textures. He will also be helping design the voxel damage and animation systems!

Cristian Zaloj

 - Programmer

Cristian is a Romanian vampire ninja pirate currently studying at Cornell. He has a good background in game development, and he has even made a voxel RTS! Cristian knows quite a few programming languages, and is a massively contributing member of the team - having done much of the work developing the engine behind SoA.

Brian Bruggeman

 - Software Engineering Consultant

Brian is a seasoned software engineer who has many years of programming experience. He has worked on software for planes, trains, automobiles, biometric hand scanners, big data, and more! Brian is quite a busy guy, but he has kindly offered his assistance to the SoA team. Brian helps with systems programming, and provides the other devs with helpful software engineering advice. Brian's experience is helping us all grow as a team!

Jeremy Fischer

 - Media and Connectivity

Jeremy is the producer of video media we create and release. He has experience with audio and vdeo editing as well as server management - he is going to host the first dedicated SoA team server when multiplayer is implemented! Jeremy's dedication and talent ensures our media is of the highest quality!

Frank McCoy

 - Programmer

Frank is a talented programmer who has been working on his own game engine in Java! He is the lead programmer for the robotics team associated with his high school, and he even teaches other students how to program! He has experience with a wide range of programming languages and APIs, and since he is a fast learner he has made great progress on the SoA team!

Wisp X

 - Music Artist

Wisp is a hobbyist musician of awesome talent, making music for the enjoyment of it! Alongside his personal music, Wisp makes background music for the soundtrack of Seed of Andromeda!

Michael Abrams

 - Community Manager

Michael has been good friends with Ben ever since they met in freshman year of college in the Drumline for UTK. He's a fun guy with a great sense of humor, and has the most glorious red beard ever. Michael manages social media and community aspects such as the IndieDB, Facebook, Twitter, and helps organise and create blog posts and videos!

Dylan Scheltens

 - Intern Programmer

Dylan may be young, but he's a fast learner with lots of talent to boot! He started programming with PHP when he was 9, making small apps and widgets, then moved on to making more complex things. He has experience modding Minecraft, and has even created his own simple voxel engines in Java, C#, and C++ with OpenGL!


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